3 Unique Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Date Ideas

3 Unique Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Date Ideas

Navigating Valentine’s Day (and the love month) can be tricky. Add the challenge of having to stay home because of the pandemic may need more creativity than usual. Fret not because we’ve got you covered. Here's a rundown of different ideas couples can do at home this Valentine's Day.

Fine dining at home

Dining out at a fancy restaurant would be awesome but with restrictions still in place, the next best move would be having the fine dining experience comforts of home. Where to start? Here’s a list of ideas to replicate the fine dining experience at home.

Charcuterie and cheese board - create your own by ordering ingredients online or have a ready-to-eat board delivered to your doorstep! Just make sure your partner won’t see the delivery guy coming.

A new set of cutlery and dinnerware - you don’t have to line up at the malls for this! Whether it’s ordering online at shops like IKEA or borrowing someone else’s set of dinnerware, you’re set for a new experience when the aesthetic matches the mood you’re setting.

Dinner by candlelight

Sometimes, simple is best. Turn off your dining area’s main lights, get some scented candles like Saan Saan’s Patchouli by the Temple, and ready your playlist. As with everything in romantic, this always makes a nice surprise. Prepare the non-negotiables too, depending on what your partner likes. If they’re into having the classic like flowers, sweets, and wine, we’d recommend getting them any of Mayani’s Valentine’s Day Bundles from PhP 2,245 to PhP 3,495.

Take the candlelight dinner a step higher by illuminating your dining area. Whether it’s on your balcony, alfresco patio, or in your studio’s dining nook, transform your space by adding candles in strategic areas like in this article from lovebondings.com. Oh, and added bonus for romance. Try adding little handmade notes for your loved one to find when they help you blow out the candles after dinner time.

Dinner under the stars

Unless you have a balcony with a view of the sky, condo living may have limitations on dining under the night sky. Here’s where a mini or portable projector may come in handy. If you’ve been watching sitcoms like Friends, during the quarantine, you might have stumbled across an episode where Ross had a date with Rachel in the museum.

Mini projectors cost from PhP 1,289 to as much as PhP 15,000 online. You could also borrow one from your office or friends. As for the starry night sky? Let YouTube help you! Why be limited to what you can see on earth when you can watch the Nebula in HD in this relaxing 8-hour video.

There are so many ways to be unique and romantic at the same time that doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. True love, after all, knows no price tag. Whether it’s a home-cooked meal sprinkled with love using fresh vegetables delivered online or ready-to-eat gourmet meals, anywhere with your loved one this Valentine’s Day is always a guaranteed time to remember.