Privacy Policy

The terms of this privacy statement defines the policies and procedures related to the aggregation, utilization and implication of the data or information that is collected by CandyMag, its affiliates or business associates, from the users while they gain access to our website and social media platforms. By accessing to this website, you agree to comply with the mentioned regulations and laws applicable by the local authorities of Philippines. If you deny to be bound by the terms of this privacy policy, then you’ll be prohibited from its further use.

Information collection and application:

Cookies Policy:

A cookie is basically a text file that is stored by your browser and then helps the server to track down the browser every time a page is requested from the server. CandyMag might send a cookie request and utilize the information gathered through it for the administration of its website, ameliorate the usability and apply it for the marketing needs. These cookies are also used to identify you as a user whenever you pay a visit to us and personalize your experiences. We may also allow our advertising partners to establish such tool or do the same on their behalf to accumulate relevant information through cookies; however your personal data is never picked by the cookies. It sometimes includes the publicly visible data that can be accessed by anyone. There are temporary and persistent cookies, the settings of which can be altered through the configuration settings of your browser.

Using your personal data:

Given below are the specific purposes for which your personal data will be used:

Disclosure of the collected information:

CandyMag chooses to reveal your personal and non-personal information as per the guidelines given under this privacy statement and under certain circumstances where it is absolutely necessary to do so:

Safeguarding your data:

We take highly competitive technical and organizational measures to secure and protect your personal data against any potential threat of leakage, misuse or alteration. All your electronic transactions are encrypted with SSL technology and you’re also advised not to share your account details and password with anyone, not with CandyMag itself.

Unsubscribe or opt-out:

You have the right to instruct us with putting a stop on sharing or using your personal information any further for any purpose whatsoever. Simply unsubscribe to our emailing list by following the instructions or email CandyMag about the same. However, if you still choose to enjoy our services, the request for unsubscribing won’t stand valid.

Children’s Privacy Policy:

If we monitor an account being operated by a minor or someone below the age of 13, we will quickly proceed with the deletion of the same as CandyMag isn’t meant for the use of children. In case any guardian or parent want to get their child’s account deleted, then they can email about the same to our team and we will follow the required steps.

Changes or alteration to the policy:

We also reserve the rights to make amendments and changes to this privacy policy by updating it from time to time. To ensure your compliance, it will ask you to read out the policy again in case of such occurrence. You’ll also be notified as a customer about the relevant changes and rest assured, your personal information will be protected no matter what changes are introduced in the new version of the policy.